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Let’s Change How We Manage Business

GBM (GLOBAL BUSINESS MATCHMAKING) Non-profit NGO, is a “DO TANK” that is identifying and matching companies with common businesses interests.

This Matching aims at creating meaningful connections and undercover business opportunities that mutually benefit both parties supported by the expertise of GBM’s Team.

Why not open up internationally?

Our network across the globe opens its doors to you for wider development and quality contacts.

Meet our Team


Why us?

GBM works to be a quality brand that leverages its partners as well as its team of experts to support compagnies and different entities (like NGO) both locally and internationally to ensure quality and targeted business matching for every economic players.

How to become a Partner?

All GBM GROUP events are associated with partners such as private companies, media and institutions relevant to each theme and each target audience.
GBM GROUP is open to all requests from potential partners and will study each request with the greatest attention!
To apply for a partnership, go here.


How to become a Sponsor?

To become a sponsor, please contact our team directly through
To sponsor one of our events, you can choose the event and the number of participants.
Depending on our event formats, the number of participants per sponsor is limited to ensure the most coherent agendas. As a sponsor, you can also request GBM Team to provide you with tailor-made solutions and features to enhance your participation, visibility and experience.


How to find the right Business Matching?

GBM GROUP offers a unique concept of business networking called business matchmaking, enabling economic players to meet at targeted events in France and abroad, always prepared in advance.
Participating in one of our events allows you to have a global vision on the trends of international market, access to the right business matching prepared by GBM team for reaching out internationally. Do you want to know more? Get in touch with us.

Can I recommend an Expert?

Yes, of course ! Recommendations are a guarantee of satisfaction and loyalty which contributes to the reputation of GBM GROUP. All economic players can play an active role in developing and sharing GBM GROUP’s know-how
The recommendation of a person is integrated into the respect of the RGPD rules.

How to contact an Expert to express my Needs?

We will expedite your request, please contact us via

Let’s Build Something Together