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Africa, the new Economic EL DORADO

Beyond being a continent rich in resources, Africa has an incredibly agile youth with innovative ideas and projects that can be deployed, including internationally. But this youth needs more than ever that African industrialists and institutions trust them in terms of expressing their needs so that they can also be solicited to meet them, which will allow their start-up to become a long-term company in order to become sustainable.

For industry, Morocco has largely demonstrated in addition to its stability, that it could be at the same level of maturity and climatic performance as certain industries on an international scale, particularly those around renewable energies, aeronautics, agro-industry, automotive….

Understanding that new technologies in excess can also be a source of pollution (digital pollution) but that if it is at the service of people (sovereignty and mindsets) and placed in strategic and critical places with good support (operability) leads very quickly to operational excellence.

Multisourcing, personalisation of customer needs and the optimisation of market targeting is more than a reality. The African industry is increasingly a continent of solutions, capable of responding as much as other continents to the challenges of our beautiful planet.

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